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Articles by Hugo Bellen (2 results)

  • Hugo Bellen is 2021 GSA President, Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics, Neuroscience, and Developmental Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, and faculty at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

  • Letters spelling Thank You

    Thank you, GSA community

    A message from 2021 GSA President, Hugo Bellen. If there is anything we have learned from this pandemic, it is to prioritize what is important to us and what sustains us in times of trouble. For me, it is promoting science and technology, providing mentorship, ensuring that my family is safe and happy, and helping…

  • Fruit fly, zebrafish, mouse and Xenopus cartoons

    Advancing both basic science and medicine by studying human disease genes in model organisms

    GSA President Hugo Bellen announces a new seminar series on tools and resources for exploring gene function across organisms.  Some of us are worried about the future of the research enterprise, especially funding support for science in our favorite model organism. Why worry? One of the main drivers of this concern is that some believe…