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GENETICS welcomes new editor William Gilliland

A new associate editor is joining GENETICS. We’re excited to welcome William Gilliland to the editorial team. William Gilliland Associate Editor I have been a faculty at DePaul University in Chicago since 2009. I study female meiosis in Drosophila, and I’m most interested in topics like the movement of chromosomes through prometaphase I, the population…

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    Gabbing on Gattaca: a GENETICS Author Q&A

    Authors Doc Edge and Brandon Ogbunu discuss their new Perspectives article, which uses the film Gattaca and its 25th anniversary as a framework for discussing societal fears about genetic science.

  • bioinformatics
    Science & Publishing

    The silver lining of bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics—a scientific discipline that aims to curate, analyze, and distribute biological data—is facing a crisis: a deluge of data is overwhelming laboratories and existing infrastructure.  Biologists, especially those working in genome sciences, have recognized the importance of big data: in just two decades, the number of genome sequences has increased 10,000-fold (from 180,000 to 1.8…

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    The population genetics of microbial moonwalking

    On scientific laws, classic dances, and a new study about molecular evolution…in reverse.

  • Jenna Daenzer Headshot
    Science & Publishing

    GSA welcomes new Peer Review Coordinator

    The GSA team welcomes Jenna Daenzer, PhD, as the new Peer Review Coordinator! Jenna will be involved with GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, reviewing incoming manuscripts for quality and administering programs like the Peer Review Training Program.   Can you tell us a little bit about your background and your career trajectory? I grew up in the…

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    Wolverine genome assembly sets a standard for conservation geneticists

    Chromosome-level assembly of the North American wolverine sets a new standard for the weasel (Mustelidae) family.

  • Natasha Kirienko headshot
    Science & Publishing

    New Associate Editor joins G3

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of Natasha Kirienko as the new Associate Editor at G3. Natasha Kirienko Associate Editor Natasha Kirienko is an Associate Professor at Rice University. Her research focuses on the broad cellular roles of mitochondria, whose dysfunction is increasingly recognized as a key contributor in a wide variety of diseases,…