A message from 2021 GSA President, Hugo Bellen.

If there is anything we have learned from this pandemic, it is to prioritize what is important to us and what sustains us in times of trouble.

For me, it is promoting science and technology, providing mentorship, ensuring that my family is safe and happy, and helping patients with rare genetic diseases in their diagnosis. For the GSA, it is ensuring the dissemination of science and providing a cohesive community. As President of the GSA for the past year, it has been an honor to serve the Society and witness the dedication of the staff and so many volunteers. You have bolstered science and community in the face of significant challenges, and I am proud of your many successes. I want to make special mention of some of these volunteers.

Thank you, conference organizers, program committees, poster judges, workshop organizers

So much goes into organizing a successful conference that is not always visible to attendees. Thank you to the many who helped bring the virtual #Dros21 and #Worm21 conferences to life. Your efforts helped thousands of scientists in 45 countries to share their science and remain connected during the pandemic. Don’t forget to register for our conferences in 2022#Fungal22#Dros22#PEQG22, and #Yeast22.

Thank you, early career leaders

GSA’s Early Career Leadership Program participants continue to do great work for the community, such as science communication, creating career development resources and workshopsadvocacy, and keeping their fellow grad students and postdoctoral scientists informed and inspired. They have even launched a new podcast! You can check out Genetics in Your World now.

Thank you, editors, reviewers, authors

Peer review and expert editorial guidance improve scientific publishing and shore up the foundations on which new discoveries are built. Thank you to all the editors, reviewers, and authors who contribute to GENETICSand G3 and have made GSA Journals so enduring and useful to the field. Thank you also to our Early Career Reviewers and all those in making the GENETICS Peer Review Training Program so successful. We are excited to be welcoming a new cohort very soon. And a very happy 10th anniversary to G3 editors! Don’t forget to check out the Anniversary Collection.

Thank you, seminar presenters, moderators, organizers, attendees

This year, thousands of people attended GSA webinars, most of which are available to watch as recordings. We appreciate everyone who helped illuminate new topics in science and for our broader community. Check out the recordings and other info at the links below.

Thank you, Board and committee members

GSA leadership and committee members are thoughtful, creative, hardworking, and always looking for ways to make a difference. A special thanks to the Equity and Inclusion Committee, who worked very hard this year on conference events and guidelines, the Education Committee, for organizing important education events, and the Nominating Committee, who assembled an outstanding election slate.

Thank you, Presidential Members

I’d like to extend a special welcome to the Presidential Members and say thank you for your many contributions to the Society. Learn about this year’s Presidential Members here, and we look forward to meeting the 2022 cohort soon!

Thank you, donors

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the GSA in the Annual Appeal. Your contributions make so much of our work possible.

Please read the inspiring 2021 overview prepared for this year’s Annual Appeal to learn more about the GSA community’s achievements this year.

Finally, there is still time to make a donation to the GSA before the end of the year.

The GSA community is both highly collaborative and deeply innovative. It is critical that their unique contributions are able continue in the face of serious funding issues and the many impacts of the pandemic. Please give generously and help us to support and advocate for science and for scientists.

We are grateful for each of you. See you in 2022!

Hugo Bellen is 2021 GSA President, Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics, Neuroscience, and Developmental Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, and faculty at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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