We are pleased to announce the GSA Poster Award winners from the 23rd International C. elegans Conference! Undergraduate and graduate student members of the GSA were eligible for the awards, and a hard-working team of judges made the determinations.

Congratulations to all!

Madeline Beer

Madeline Beer, University of Toronto

“Investigating the Role of sRNA and Argonautes in Intercellular Communication”

Mohannad Dardiry

Mohannad Dardiry, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

“Dissecting the genetic architecture underlying mouth dimorphism in Pristionchus pacificus identifies cis -regulatory variation in a supergene locus.”

Mohamed Elaswad

Mohamed Elaswad, Central Michigan University,

“The Role of ERK/MPK-1 in Modulating Condensation of RNA Binding Proteins in The Germ Line”

Bhaswati Ghosh

Bhaswati Ghosh, Louisiana State University

“A fat-promoting botanical extract from Artemisia scoparia acts as longevity modifier in C. elegans

Grace McIntyre

Grace McIntyre, Marian University

“The role of ceramide metabolism enzymes, ceramide synthase and acid sphingomyelinase, on lipid metabolism”

Evelyn Popiel

Evelyn Popiel, University of Toronto

“The role of the kinase MRCK-1 in excretory canal development”

Hagar Setty

Hagar Setty, Weizmann Institute of Science

“Sexually dimorphic neuronal circuitry drives distinct mechanosensory responses”