Fast Decisions, Fast Access

Tired of reformatting manuscripts? We welcome
initial submissions in any format and impose no limits
on length, figures, or supplemental information. Plus,
we answer pre-submission inquiries within days, and can
even fast-track handling in some circumstances.


Time to first decision? About a
Initial call on whether to send for
review takes just days.

Within days of initial manuscript submission, we will let
you know whether the manuscript will be sent for
review. For reviewed manuscripts, the editors strive to
reach a decision in less than 30 days. For revised papers,
more than 90% are accepted without an additional round of


Average time from submission to acceptance is
less than 8 weeks.

High-Quality Review & Peer Editors

Ever struggled with an unclear decision letter or
reviews that don’t give you a clue
about where to start your revision? Our journals are
known for providing insightful and helpful reviews.


At least two editors consult on
every decision.

Your manuscripts will be handled by practicing
scientists like you, who understand from experience what
it takes to tell a significant story, to create a useful
method or resource, or to extract meaning from large
datasets. Rather than simply tally reviewer ‘votes,’ your
editor synthesizes the reviews into a single, clear
decision letter that offers guidance and explains
rationales for all decisions, helping to improve your
paper’s impact.


Consolidated, clear feedback from your
Decision letter parses reviews to
offer specific guidance for revisions.

Sister Journals, One-Touch Transfer


If you submit a manuscript to GENETICS that reports
high-quality and useful findings—but
lacks the broad appeal, significance, or novelty of a
published GENETICS article—you may be
offered a transfer to G3. This seamless process either
guarantees review at G3, or G3 editors will use the
GENETICS reviews to offer a decision within days.

After Acceptance


Within days, manuscripts are published Early Online,
indexed in PubMed, and available to colleagues. You may
be selected for highlights in GENETICS, cover art, press
releases, promotion on blogs, social media, and other
outreach. We enhance discovery and use of your research,
which in turn increases its impact.

Community Support

Our journals are run by and for scientists under the
aegis of the Genetics Society of America. GSA represents
us, advocates for us, convenes us, publicizes us,
provides educational resources, and fosters our work.

GENETICS and G3 have long been committed to
integrating with community resources. We recently
partnered with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories to enable
seamless deposits of manuscripts from GENETICS and G3
submission systems straight into bioRxiv, and have for
years supported arXiv deposits. Articles feature links to
model organism databases like SGD, FlyBase, and WormBase.
In 2015, we’re providing custom
templates for authors who use LaTex, saving them time at

Access to Data


Our data policy, instituted in 2009, requires that all
primary data and source code associated with the
manuscript’s findings must be publicly
available, either as supplemental information or in a
public repository like Dryad, FigShare, and GenBank.
Besides providing everything needed for replication, this
policy allows your research to have the greatest possible
impact, and to ensure that your findings will be used for
years to come.