Guest post by the Alliance of Genome Resources.

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Six of the founding members of the Alliance of Genome Resources (Saccharomyces Genome Database, WormBase, FlyBase, Zebrafish Model Organism Database, Mouse Genome Database and the Gene Ontology Consortium) attended GSA’s The Allied Genetics Conference in Orlando from July 13-17. It was a great opportunity for these individual resources to talk about their new collaboration to integrate their content and software into a single resource that benefits biologists, educators, and clinicians alike.

The model organism databases have a long history of reaching out to their respective communities for feedback on new developments and input on future directions. Carrying on this tradition, the Alliance has created a short survey to obtain feedback on how best to provide human disease information in relation to model organisms. In addition, the Alliance is asking for input on the prioritization of website visualizations, tools and data type curation.

Thank you for continued support!

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