The Genetics Society of America does not take stands on political candidates or parties. Nevertheless, because the recent American election campaign was characterized by deep divisions and episodes of anger and fear, we feel compelled to reaffirm the values that unite us.

Science thrives on diversity. Like most scientists, genetic researchers rarely work alone; they come together in cooperative research groups. The varied experiences, expertise, and perspectives that each researcher brings to such groups are vital to their collective success. This need for diverse views is also true of the entire scientific enterprise. For example, the United States has benefitted enormously from the work of immigrants and visiting scientists, as well as from international collaboration.

Valuing diversity not only enhances our abilities to make new discoveries, but also makes science more fair. When genetic research is led by people with varied backgrounds, we are more likely to see the benefits of innovation—advances in medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, and our understanding of the natural world—extended to everyone.

The GSA is committed to fostering a diverse workforce in genetic research and to ensuring that people from all backgrounds and nations can fully participate in our field.


Executive Committee of the Genetics Society of America

Stanley Fields, PhD, President

Lynn Cooley, PhD, Vice-President

Jasper Rine, PhD, Past President

David Greenstein, PhD, Secretary

Sue Jinks-Robertson, PhD, Treasurer

Dmitri Petrov, PhD, At-large Director