The Genetics Society of America and the GSA Journals are excited to announce that former science writing intern Sarah Bay has joined the Society as the Journals Assistant Editor & GSA Programs Manager.

Sarah has been with the GSA since 2015.

Sarah has had a passion for both science and writing since her undergraduate days at Harding University, where she earned degrees in both Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and English. In April, she completed her PhD in Genetics & Molecular Biology at Emory University. She trained in Tamara Caspary’s lab, and her graduate work focused on Sonic Hedgehog signaling, cilia, and cancer using the mouse as a model organism.

Sarah came to the GSA as a science writing intern during the summer of 2015. She has contributed to Genes to Genomes, attended meetings on the GSA’s behalf, and worked with both the Communications Department and the Journals.

In her new role, Sarah will continue to communicate the work of authors and members, as well as other interesting topics related to science. She’ll contribute to our social media channels and establish new ways to show off your research, represent the GSA at conferences, manage various GSA communications initiatives, and work behind the scenes with the journals’ academic editors to ensure a smooth peer review process.  

Sarah lives in Mississippi with her husband (an Air Force pilot) and her two cats (who also serve as her co-workers). She has a deep fondness for Marvel superheroes and loves musicals. She’s got more makeup than she’d care to admit, and she loves to travel—especially if there’s good wine involved. Sarah is excited to see what life outside of the lab is like, but she’s also happy to stay involved in genetics—especially as part of an organization like the GSA.

You can find Sarah all over the internet: