Attendees of the Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference are a creative bunch.  Inspired by one of the PEQG Bingo challenges, they bombarded Twitter with more than 50 #PEQG18 haikus (and one limerick), providing poetic snippets of the meeting to those who couldn’t make it. Joining the 17-syllable summaries were fantastic sketch notes of the meeting by scientist/artist April Wei.

Below are a couple of the haikus, including a few of the non-tweeted bingo entries. Enjoy and feel free to share your own science haikus using #sciku!

Rats in NYC
able to follow their dreams
with selective sweeps

—Markus Stetter on “How brown rats adapted to life in NYC’s concrete jungle

Strange TE, new home.
Boy frog meets girl frog, hearts jump;
now let’s get hopping.

—Emily Baker on “Hostile genomic takeover by transposable elements in the Strawberry poison frog

“Bet on sparsity”
vast labyrinth of haystacks
sifting for needles

—Kathie Sun