Congratulations to all the winners of poster awards at the 2018 Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference!

Graduate Students

Photo of Matthew Osmond

Matthew Osmond
University of British Columbia
Poster title: Genetic paths to evolutionary rescue

Photo of Paloma Medina

Paloma Medina
University of California, Santa Cruz
Poster title: Estimating the Prevalence of Wolbachia Across Arthropod and Nematode Taxa

Photo of Ankeeta Shah

Ankeeta Shah
University of Chicago
Poster title: The impact of genetic variation on mRNA splicing in human tissues


Photo of Priscilla Erickson

Priscilla Erickson
University of Virginia
Poster title: Hybrid swarm-based association mapping and evolution of ovarian diapause in Drosophila melanogaster

Photo of Nathanial Sharp

Nathaniel Sharp
University of British Columbia
Poster title: The Genome-Wide Rate and Spectrum of Spontaneous Mutations Differ Between Haploid and Diploid Yeast

Photo of Alison Wardlaw

Alison Wardlaw
University of Minnesota
Poster title: Sexual conflict can constrain the evolution of reproductive isolation

Special Recognition — Undergraduate Research

Poster title: The hidden contributions of women to theoretical population genetics

Samantha K. Dung1, Andrea Lopez1, Ezequiel Lopez Barragan1, Rochelle-Jan Reyes1, Ricky Thu1, Edgar Castellanos1, Francisca Catalan1, Emilia Huerta Sanchez2, Rori Rohlfs1
1San Francisco State University
2University of California, Merced