As we wrap up Peer Review Week 2020, here’s a look at how the GSA journals help build trust in peer review.

Our data availability policy means that reviewers and editors can really dig into the data during the review process—and that readers can access the data and build on it moving forward!


Expert editors and reviewers handle your paper with an eye toward improving it. Effective peer review makes your paper the best it can be.


Peer review training is varied & informal, which is why we developed the GENETICS Peer Review Training Program. We give early career scientists the chance to learn in a live-journal environment, helping pave the way for the future of peer review. To learn more about the GENETICS Peer Review Training Program, check out this newly-published Science Editor article written by GENETICS editorial staff: Supporting the Next Generation of Researchers: GENETICS Peer Review Training Program. 


Why do we do peer review? Because your peers and other experts in the field help improve your work and strengthen the scientific literature.


Open Peer Review is coming to GENETICS in January 2021! For all the details, see today’s editorial Opening Up Peer Review from Executive Editor Tracey DePellegrin and Editor in Chief Mark Johnston.