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Jennifer Garrison

Jennifer Garrison

Assistant Professor
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Lab website


Research program:

We study the relationship between the anatomy of neural circuits and the neuromodulators that functionally reconfigure them. We use both C. elegans and mouse model systems to understand how the behavioral outputs of a neural circuit are encoded by the diversity of neurotransmitters that they express—and in particular to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern neuropeptide signaling in behavior and aging.


Outstanding, inquisitive scientists are invited to apply for postdoctoral positions in the Garrison lab. Prospective postdocs should send a cover letter describing research interests, CV and three letters of reference to Jennifer Garrison at


How has being a member of GSA helped you advance in your career? Why do you think societies like GSA are important? 

Absolutely! Professional societies like GSA are essential for many aspects of my career in science because they facilitate interactions with others in my field through conferences and publishing journals.


Previous training experiences:

Postdoctoral Fellow, The Rockefeller University
Laboratory of Neural Circuits and Behavior
Advisor: Dr. Cornelia Bargmann
Exploring neuromodulatory signaling and behavior in C. elegans

Graduate Fellow, UCSF
Advisor: Dr. Jack Taunton
Defining the mechanism of action of a small molecule inhibitor of protein biogenesis