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Jared Nordman

Assistant Professor (Since 2015)
Department of Biological Sciences
Vanderbilt University
Lab website


Research program:

Regulation of genome duplication requires exquisite control to ensure proper transmission of genetic material from mother cell to daughter cell and to prevent the genome aberrations that are associated with cancer cells. Importantly, the replication machinery must respond to changes in chromatin structure and cell cycle parameters that are associated with cellular differentiation in order to maintain genome integrity. Although this is a fundamental aspect of genome duplication, the underlying molecular mechanisms and critical factors responsible for responding to these changes remain poorly understood.

Due to its well characterized replication systems, chromatin architecture, and cell differentiation systems, Drosophila provides an ideal model system to understand, mechanistically, how the DNA replication program responds to changes in cellular differentiation and development. We are using a combination of proteomic, genomic, cell biological, genetic and biochemical approaches to uncover and characterize fundamental aspects of genome duplication and stability.


Our lab is always trying to recruit enthusiastic and highly motivated students and postdocs. If you are interested, feel free to contact me to learn more about opportunities in the lab.


Role of GSA in your career:

GSA has given me a platform to present my research, specifically at the annual fly meetings, and to make important connections. I’ve been fortunate to establish and maintain relationships with many researchers through GSA functions that have helped me both scientifically and personally over the years.


“There are many things I love about science and performing hands on research. The thrill of discovery has always driven me. I love to learn new things and enjoy the challenges of designing and performing experiments. One of the best things, however, is getting to interact with so many people from such diverse backgrounds. I really enjoy meeting new people and the camaraderie that is part of being a scientist.” – Jared Nordman on his favorite part of his work


Previous training experiences:

  • Postdoc – Whitehead Institute, Cambridge MA; Advisor: Terry Orr-Weaver
  • PhD – Tufts University School of Medicine; Advisor: Andrew Wright
  • BSc – University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Advisor: Stephen Sandler



I anticipate teaching in the areas of genetics, cell biology and developmental biology.


Interests Outside of Work:

In my free time I like to spend time with my family. I have two daughters, Sophia and Chloe. I also enjoy biking and playing music.