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Daniel McKay

Assistant Professor, Biology Dept, Genetics Dept, Integrative Program for Biological and Genome Sciences (iBGS) (July 2013)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lab website

Briefly describe the ongoing and expected research projects as your lab gets up and running.

The focus of our lab is to understand the mechanisms controlling gene expression in development. We combine Drosophila genetics with genomics and more targeted molecular approaches to investigate how the activity of DNA regulatory elements is controlled in different organs and at different times in development. We also study how histone proteins act as carriers of epigenetic information during specification and maintenance of cell fates.

How has being a member of GSA helped you advance in your career? Why do you think societies like GSA are important? 

I have found being a GSA member has helped to expand my network of colleagues. The GSA-sponsored Drosophila Research Conference is one of my favorite meetings to attend, not only because I can catch up with old friends, but also because I always meet new people in my field.

If your position involves teaching, which subjects or courses are you expecting to teach?

I teach an upper-level Developmental Biology class to undergraduates (mostly senior Biology majors).

Are you looking to recruit students and/or postdocs? If so, please describe and be sure to also post the opportunity to

YES, I’m looking for students and especially postdocs.

Previous training experiences:

– Undergrad: Cornell University, no research experience
– Ph.D.: Columbia University, Developmental Genetics, Richard Mann laboratory
– Postdoc: UNC Chapel Hill, Genomics, Jason Lieb laboratory

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I used to have hobbies like camping and fishing. Now I have 3 kids 🙂