Peer reviewers are vital to science, but early career scientists in our field rarely receive formal training in how to be a good reviewer. GSA and GENETICS are addressing this gap with a program that gives early career members real-world peer review experience. Participants will receive online training and advice from GENETICS editors as they become reviewers for manuscripts submitted to the journal. This week, we’re introducing the most recent cohort of peer reviewers in the program, so check back to meet the rest of these scientists learning about the integral work of peer review.

Lorenzo Gallicchio

Lorenzo Gallicchio headshot

Postdoc, Stanford University

Maiko Kitaoka

Maiko Kitaoka headshot

Postdoc, Whitehead Institute

Marianoel Pereira-Gómez

Marianoel Pereira-Gómez headshot

Postdoc, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

Marijne Vandebergh

Marijne Vandebergh headshot

Postdoc, VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology

Melissa Drown

Melissa Drown headshot

Graduate Student, University of Miami

Michael Church

Michael Church headshot

Postdoc, Stowers Institute

Rafal Donczew

Rafal Donczew headshot

Assistant Professor, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Rinalda Proko

Rinalda Proko headshot

Graduate Student, University of Arkansas

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar headshot

Graduate Student, University of Princeton

Sarah Robinson-Thiewes

Sarah Robinson-Thiewes headshot

Postdoc, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Sruthi Chappidi

Sruthi Chappidi headshot

Computational Biologist, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Tommy O’Haren

Tommy O'Haren headshot

Graduate Student, Emory University

Umer Saleem

Umer Saleem headshot

Graduate Student, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Victoria Castro

Victoria Castro headshot

Graduate Student, University of Texas, El Paso

Vincent Nyangwara

Vincent Nyangwara headshot

Graduate Student, African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology

Xuwen Li

Xuwen Li headshot

Graduate Student, Baylor College of Medicine

Yu Sugihara

Yu Sugihara headshot

Graduate Student, Kyoto University

Not Pictured:

Wendy Aquino Nunez, Graduate Student at University of Kansas

Assunta Maria Casale, Postdoc at Sapienza University of Rome

Jae Hak Son, Postdoc at Rutgers University

Hua Yang, Reseach Specialist at University of Missouri, Columbia