It’s National Postdoc Appreciation Week, which celebrates the vital contribution of postdoctoral scholars to advancing our understanding of the world. This week is the perfect time for lab heads to thank postdocs for all their hard work, for students to thank postdocs for their training and mentorship, and for everyone to thank postdocs for their dedication to science!

The GSA is grateful to its postdoc members for all their contributions, particularly to those who serve on our committees and as advisory representatives to the board. We continue to seek energetic postdoc and students to help guide the GSA’s initiatives and set our priorities. By volunteering for leadership opportunities with the GSA, you can make sure the voices of early career researchers are heard. We also welcome your ideas for new ways GSA can organize postdoc and trainee participation not just in GSA, but within our communities. Register your interest now by sending an email with your name and institution to and we will notify you when application opportunities arise.

Postdocs looking for leadership and service opportunities should also consider applying for a GSA trainee-organized symposium. GSA provides funding for student and postdoctoral members to organize symposia in subject areas relevant to the GSA mission. Requests can include—but are not limited to—meetings that center on a scientific topic or model organism, focus on teaching or outreach, discuss a topic of policy or broader interest, or advance attendee career development.


Other GSA resources of interest to postdocs:

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