TAGC-Hex-ALL-800The Genetics Society of America is pleased to announce the winners of the GSA Poster Awards at The Allied Genetics Conference! Current undergraduate and graduate student GSA members were eligible for the Awards; six research communities participated in the competition, with postdoctoral scholars volunteering their time and efforts as judges.

The Herculean effort of organizing the 84 postdoctoral judges was spearheaded by the GSA Poster Judging Committee Chair, Peter Stirling, a scientist at the British Columbia Cancer Agency and Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. Peter was assisted by: TAGC Trainee Organizing Committee Chair, Kathleen Dumas, a postdoc at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging; Robin Leigh Armstrong, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and GSA staff members Anne Marie Mahoney and Beth Ruedi.

Hex C elegans

C. elegans Development, Cell Biology, and Gene Expression Topic Meeting

Graduate Students

1st Place: Kimberly Gauthier, MUHC Research Institute, McGill University
2nd Place: Cristina Matthewman, University of Miami Miller College of Medicine
3rd Place: Amel Alqadah, University of Illinois at Chicago

Undergraduate Students

1st Place: James Brandt, Lewis & Clark College
2nd Place: Maegan Neilson, College of the Holy Cross

Hex Ciliate
Ciliate Molecular Biology Conference

Graduate Student

Miguel Gonzales, Texas A&M

Undergraduate Student

Evan Wilson, Missouri State University

Hex Dros

57th Annual Drosophila Research Conference

Graduate Students

1st PlaceDaniel Kelpsch, University of Iowa
2nd PlaceAfsoon Saadin, University of Maryland Baltimore County
3rd PlaceSumaira Zamurrad, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Undergraduate Students

1st PlaceNiahz Wince, Pennsylvania State University, Berks College
2nd PlacePhuong Nguyen, Drexel University

Hex Mouse

2016 Mouse Genetics Conference

Graduate Students

1st PlaceMeng Zhang, Yale University
2nd PlaceSarah Bay, Emory University

Undergraduate Students

Andreea Radulescu, University of Surrey, Great Britain


Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics

Graduate Students

1st PlaceThom Nelson, University of Oregon
2nd PlaceMichelle Parmenter, University of Wisconsin–Madison
3rd PlaceApril Peterson, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Undergraduate Student

Mathieu Henault, IBIS, Université Laval, Canada

Hex Yeast

Yeast Genetics Meeting

Graduate Students

1st Place: Dara Lo, University of Toronto, Canada
2nd Place (TIE!)Jon Laurent, University of Texas at Austin & Yu-San Yang, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Undergraduate Student

Alex Lederer, University of Pittsburgh

A press release with more information about each of the winners will be available soon.

Beth Ruedi is the Director of Education and Professional Development at GSA; formerly a behavior geneticist and college instructor.

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