The Genetics Society of America (GSA) is pleased to announce the newly appointed leaders of our Early Career Scientist Steering Committee.

The committee is charged with understanding the interests, concerns, and challenges of early career scientist members of the GSA. As part of this leadership and professional development program, appointees will explore current policies and their implications for graduate and postdoctoral training, research funding, and the advancement of the scientific enterprise. Equipped with this understanding, they will develop programming to advocate for the interests of the GSA, highlight important advancements originating within the genetics community, and build relationships with scientists in all sectors of the workforce.


Alessandro A. Bailetti
Co-chair of the Steering Committee and Liaison to the Board
New York University School of Medicine


Giovanna Collu
Policy Subcommittee Liaison
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai



Alexandra Erwin
Co-Chair of the Steering Committee
University of Kansas


Giovanni Hanna
Co-chair of the Communication & Outreach Subcommittee
University of California Davis


Emily Lescak
Co-chair of the Policy Subcommittee
University of Alaska Anchorage


Caitlin McDonough
Co-chair of the Career Development Subcommittee
Syracuse University


Sumeet Nayak
Co-chair of the
 Communication & Outreach Subcommittee
University of Massachusetts Medical School


Adam J. Ramsey
Communication Committee Liaison
University of Memphis


Didem P. Sarikaya
Co-chair of the
 Career Development Subcommittee
University of California Davis