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To me, science is not about being in the lab; it is about solving puzzles. I have been working as a scientist for 7 years now, moving from a wet lab job to a bioinformatic desk job. I am currently involved in a research project that examines the potential use of anti-inflammatory drugs to improve the immune response in older individuals, using skin as a model. As the first part of the study, I have characterized sets of genes that are involved in the different cell types and processes in normal skin.




I have always enjoyed drawing, and I feel that comics are a good form of accessible entertainment. I love the process of creating something from nothing; it is very satisfying seeing an idea that was once only in my head on paper. I was fortunate enough to win an online public engagement event (“I’m a scientist, get me out of here!“) where scientists talk to school students, who then vote for the winners. I said I would make an illustrative science blog if I won. So I did!




“Little Aliens”school engagement activity about genetics designed by Barbara Shih.

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