We are pleased to announce the GSA Poster Award winners from the 60th Annual Drosophila Research Conference! Undergraduate and graduate student members of the GSA were eligible for the awards, and a hard-working team of postdocs volunteered their time as judges. Congratulations to all!

Undergraduate Students






1st Place: Tanner Call

Institution: Brigham Young University – Provo

Poster Title: The gut microbiome as a driver of host dietary preference in Drosophila melanogaster






2nd Place: Jasmina Abdalla

Institution: George Washington University

Poster Title: Epigenetic Inheritance of Alcohol Sensitivity in Drosophila melanogaster






3rd Place: Sylvia Durkin

Institution: The Rockefeller University

Poster Title: Chemosensory and Behavioral Evolution in Drosophila suzukii: Implications for Adaptive Pest Activity

Graduate Students






1st Place: Hongru Hu

Institution: Florida State University

Poster Title: Genomic and neurogenetic approaches reveal a role of dpr- and DIP-expressing neurons in courtship behaviors






2nd Place: Kayla Gjelsvik

Institution: MDI Biological Laboratory and University of Maine

Poster Title: Polyploid cell growth restores tissue mechanics post injury






3rd Place: Natalie Vaisman

Institution: Boston University

Poster Title: A gut filling: the kinetics of the Wolbachia colonization in Drosophila guts