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Early Career Leadership Spotlight: Peiwei Chen

We’re taking time to get to know the members of the GSA’s Early Career Scientist Committees. Join us to learn more about our early career scientist advocates. Peiwei Chen Accessibility Subcommittee California Institute of Technology Research Interest Far from a harmonious place, the genome is a battleground, where every bit of DNA fights for inheritance and…

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  • Preview the 64th Annual Drosophila Research Conference

    The Annual Drosophila Research Conference started in 1958 in Madison, Wisconsin as a free-form meeting where “people spoke as the spirit moved them.” Now in its 64th year, the meeting has evolved from what one of the founders, Larry Sandler, called “genetic analysis for fun and recreation,” into the premier worldwide meeting of Drosophilists. Over…

  • Lauren McIntyre

    Genetics Society of America announces Lauren McIntyre as new Editor in Chief of G3

    The Genetics Society of America is pleased to announce that Lauren McIntyre of the University of Florida will become the next Editor in Chief of G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics beginning in January 2023.

  • 2022 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal: Michael Lynch

    Ever since Charles Darwin proposed the idea of natural selection in 1858, biologists have been pondering exactly how selection works, somehow driving the evolution from single-celled life to the wide array of complex vertebrates that now populate the planet. As advances in technology have enabled genomic mapping at increasingly finer resolution, the questions have only…

  • 2022 Novitski Prize: Harmit Malik

    Harmit Malik loves conflict—genetic conflict, that is. “I’m really interested in this idea that components of the same genome, or components of different genomes, are constantly doing battle with each other,” says Malik, who heads a lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. To understand genetic conflict, Malik focuses on the parts of the…

  • Wolverine genome assembly sets a standard for conservation geneticists

    Chromosome-level assembly of the North American wolverine sets a new standard for the weasel (Mustelidae) family.

  • 2022 Beadle Award Winner: Shirley Tilghman

    Becoming the president of a world-class university isn’t something that typically happens “by accident,” but that’s exactly how Shirley Tilghman describes it. “I did not intend to be a university president,” Tilghman says. “I probably had the steepest learning curve of any university president ever.” In 2000, Tilghman was serving as founding director of the…