Catch up on 2015’s most popular Community Voices posts!

Inherit the Wand: The Genetics of Wizardry in Harry Potter

Read about how Eric Spana combines his genetic outreach work with Harry Potter nerdiness. Also, learn how to explain the existence of squibs, given a dominant wizarding gene.

Worm CRISPR Workshop at the International C. elegans Meeting

Technical tips and progress on worm CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering from Mike Boxem, Daniel Dickinson, and Alexandre Paix, organizers of the CRISPR workshop at the 20th International C. elegans Meeting.

Maintaining a strong Drosophila community — starting with students

Andreas Prokop argues that education, science communication, and outreach initiatives are critical tools for maintaining a robust Drosophila community that can continue its important contributions to biology and biomedical research.

The beauty and humor of the worm

Diana Chu and Ahna Skop feature artwork from the Worm Art Show, held at the GSA-sponsored 20thInternational C. elegans Meeting in Los Angeles.

2nd place: Adam Brown (Biron Lab/Univ. of Chicago) for “Abyss”

2nd place: Adam Brown (Biron Lab/Univ. of Chicago) for “Abyss”

Queer in STEM

When Jeremy Yoder couldn’t find any data on LGBTQ representation in science he decided to gather his own. Read about the resulting survey of more than 1,400 people in STEM.

ASHG Meeting Report: A guide to the Exome Aggregation Consortium data

Exome Aggregation Consortium (ExAC) lead analyst Monkol Lek provides a practical guide for geneticists looking to explore their-favorite-genes amongst the tens of thousands of publicly available exomes curated by ExAC.

Read/write access to your genomes? Using the past to jump to the future

Razib Khan explores the future of genetics as our ability to read genomes matures and our ability to edit genomes becomes reality.

Tips for scientists talking to the media

Tips for engaging with journalists from Robin Bisson, founder of the Genetic Expert News Service (GENeS), which aims to connect researchers with journalists working on stories with a genetics or biotechnology angle.

The new genomic world of wild worms

Mark Blaxter reports on the “Caenorhabditis Genomes Project” workshop at GSA’s  20th International C. elegans Meeting, which discussed progress in developing and exploiting the richness of (and excitement about) those species most closely related to C. elegans.

I think... C. elegans

Darwin’s famous first tree of life sketch, annotated by Mark Blaxter.

The Importance of Community

Tiffany Timbers describes what makes the C. elegans research community so special.