With the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 omnibus bill  signed into law and in effect, Congress now shifts its attention to the budget for FY 2017, which begins on October 1. To aid in this process, the House Appropriations Committee has asked individual Representatives to submit “Programmatic Requests.” These requests are used by the Committee to identify what programs are most important to other members of the House.

Several factors including a Presidential election and a dispute over the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice could make this a difficult and contentious year. To keep Representatives aware of the importance of sustained and predictable funding for continued research progress, it is important that members of the scientific community contact the offices of the House members.

Please use our legislative alert to send messages thanking your Representative for their past support and urging them to submit Programmatic Requests on behalf of research agencies including the NIH and NSF.

To send a message to your Senators and Representative, all you need to do is provide your email address and ZIP Code and make any edits you wish on the draft text provided.

The deadlines for these requests are in March so please submit your request today and then share  this message with your colleagues.


Chloe Poston is the Policy and Communications Manager for the Genetics Society of America where she serves as a liaison to the Public Policy Committee. She has a background in bio-analytical chemistry and science policy.

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