Congratulations to all the winners of poster awards at the 2019 Fungal Genetics Conference!

Fabrizio Alberti
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow, University of Warwick

“The aim of my research is to understand how antibiotic and anticancer terpenoid molecules are made by basidiomycete fungi.”


María Angélica Bravo Núñez
Graduate student, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

“I study how parasitic DNA elements sabotage the process of making gametes (e.g. sperm) to learn about the origins of infertility.”


Sara Calhoun
Postdoc, DOE Joint Genome Institute

“We developed an automated metabolic modeling tool and applied it to compare the metabolism of diverse fungal species.”


Ci Fu
Postdoc, Duke University

“In this study, we showed that a global human fungal pathogen, Cryptococcus deneoformans, utilizes a unique sexual cycle to upregulate the pheromone response pathway and enhance competitiveness in the courtship phase of mating.”


Raphael Gabriel
PhD Candidate, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

“I study determining the factors that enable high cellulase production with the fungus Thermoascus aurantiacus.”


Claudio Greco
Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“I study biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in fungi.”


Murat Can Kalem
PhD Student, University at Buffalo, SUNY

“I am working on protein arginine methylation and how this post-translational modification regulates long non-coding RNAs in Cryptococcus neoformans.”


Daniela Nordzieke
Postdoc, Georg August University Goettingen

“I study how two distinct propagules of a fungal maize pathogen explore specific infection strategies and lifestyles.”


Sébastien Ortiz
PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison

“I study characterizing triggers of spore germination of human fungal pathogens.”


Klaas Schotanus
Postdoc Associate, Duke University

“I studied the deletion of a centromere results in unstable neocentromeres, at elevated temperature chromosome fusion occurs and this leads to 13 instead of 14 chromosomes.”


Rebecca Spanner
PhD Student, North Dakota State University

“I study identifying key mutations for fungicide resistance in an important fungal pathogen of sugar beet, Cercospora beticola.”


Javier Tabima
Postdoc Scholar, Oregon State University

“I study fungal evolutionary genomics and population genetics”.


Andrew Urquhart
Postdoc, University of Melbourne

“I study identification and characterization of the gene cluster for the synthesis of viriditoxin in Paecilomyces variotii.”


Ian Will
PhD Student, University of Central Florida

“I study a behavior-manipulating fungal parasite of ants, and is seeking to characterize the molecular mechanisms and underlying fungal genes driving this parasitic manipulation.”