The Drosophila community has issued its call for submissions for the 2016 Drosophila Image Award, which will be presented on July 14, 2016, at the 57th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, being held as part of The Allied Genetics Conference in Orlando, Florida. Presence at the meeting is not required to enter or win an Image Award.




The Image Award recognizes the important role that compelling images have played in Drosophila research. To encourage and celebrate this role, finalist images will be displayed throughout the conference, and the winner will be presented with a plaque.

The Award will be given to the most striking image that clearly conveys a point of important biological information in Drosophila research. All images that have been or will be published in a primary research journal in 2015 are eligible. Submissions should be made via email to; requests to upload large files via filesharing can be made to same. Please see for more details and complete instructions for submission, as well as for images of past winners.

Please note that we accept submissions of videos as well as still images, and give separate awards in each category. See the website for size and format for submission.

We encourage you to submit your work for consideration. Submissions are open until **January 30, 2016**.



The Drosophila Image Award Committee:

  • David Bilder
  • Michelle Arbeitman
  • Anne Ephrussi
  • Richard Mann
  • Bill Sullivan


The Drosophila Image Award was initiated by the Drosophila Board of Directors with support from GSA.