Check out the Genetics Society of America award winners’ essays in the July issue of GENETICS! The awardees share inspiration, observations, and predictions about their fields. Nominations are now open for the 2016 GSA awards through September 18.


Edward Novitski Prize

Sue Biggins
Under Tension: Kinetochores and Basic Research

Sue Biggins

“It is […] easy to make the mistake of thinking that all major discoveries using model organisms have already been made.”

Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal

Brian Charlesworth
What Use Is Population Genetics?

Brian Charlesworth

“…sometimes it seems that our field is regarded as less important than those branches of genetics concerned with the properties of cells and individual organisms.”

Genetics Society Of America Medal

Steven Henikoff
The Genetic Map Enters Its Second Century

Steven Henikoff

“As we enter the second century of genetic mapping, we are witnessing a progression from a genetic map defined by DNA sequence to a map enriched by the epigenomic landscape.”

George W. Beadle Award

John H. Postlethwait
“Wrecks of Ancient Life”: Genetic Variants Vetted by Natural Selection

John Postlethwait

“Only recently […] have biologists had access to the vast array of Darwin’s “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful” for in-depth genetic investigations of development, physiology, and evolution.”

Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education

Louisa A. Stark
Science Translator: An Interview with Louisa Stark

Louisa Stark

“You don’t need to understand English to get something from our content; visualizations of science take us beyond language.”

Cristy Gelling is a science writer, lapsed yeast geneticist, and former Communications Director at the GSA.

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